Valentines Day

  • Attached you will find a brown paper bag.
  • You should decorate the bag and print your name on the bottom of the bag. That way I know whose bag is whose and can make sure a child does not get their own bag.
  • Your child will not be going home with their own bag. We will be playing a game to switch the bags around.
  • Please return the brown bag filled with some of the following ideas:
    • a juice box , Capri Sun or other non sugary drink
    • a small bag of chips, pretzels, popcorn
    • a handwritten friendship card
    • fruit snacks, dried fruit or a piece of fruit
    • a non-candy Valentine’s Day item (Dollar Store ~ such as, stickers, pencil, eraser, etc.)
    • your child can be as creative as they want in filling this bag-it should be low cost and adhere to our school policy of no nuts or candy
  • Please have the filled bags at school by: Friday, February 14th

This is not mandatory. Students who wish to bring a bag will go home with a bag. This will be in place of Valentine’s Day cards! Thank you!