Class update – March 1

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Happy March!

The flu bug has hit 4th grade! I will be out again on Monday due to the effects of the flu.  I have been on antibiotics and my doctor has assured me that I am cleared to come back. While hand washing is obviously prevalent in the news anyway, it is good practice for everyday that I will continue to encourage even more often. In addition, we will up the usage of Lysol wipes to discourage the spread of any more illness throughout our room and the school. Thank you to those that have sent in extra supplies. If you can send in an additional box or two of tissues or hand sanitizer, we could definitely use it!

It is conferences week! I will be going over student’s opinion writing and fluency scores, as well as having the students identify where they felt the most successful, where they feel like they need more help, what goals they have for the rest of they year,  etc.  If you still need to  sign up, click  here. 

We will be starting our review units this week. Our half days will be math rotations within our 4th grade ‘houses’. This reinforces our culture as a 4th grade team, allows work with different peer groups for a few days and adds excitement to our half days!

We will be on Spring break from next Monday through March 18, returning on Thursday the 19. Then it is just a few short days until our first AZ Merit test – SCIENCE. Please make sure students are arriving on time, get a chance to eat breakfast, are well rested, etc to ensure the best testing day. I will make sure to keep the day low stress once they arrive at school.

Please let me know if you have any questions! As I always, I appreciate your help and support.