Class update – Feb. 11

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Good afternoon families!

Thank you for visiting the website! Please see below for the most updated information for our classroom!

MATH – We have started timed fluency tests for basic facts. They are just one minute per day. The first week was just addition, this week is subtraction and then we will move on to multiplication. So far, the students LOVE them! I stressed that they are all about growth, and the important fact is that we are working to improve our skills each day. However, the goal is to know between 30-40 facts in one minute. The tests are scored top to bottom, and left to right. We discussed that this is because if we skip around, we are avoiding the problems that probably need the most practice. And aren’t they ALL important? Also, the score is notated as the first one skipped or missed. This is to promote that accuracy counts and we don’t want kiddos just writing any ole’ number down and essentially, still skipping the ones that we don’t know. Please know that I look at the overall score, but that is the main purpose of the timed tests. I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to look at them when they come home, and use the unfinished problems to have them practice for another minute if students are under that 30 problems mark.

We are also working on adding and subtracting fractions, making equivalent fractions and comparing. If you are cooking or baking, please allow kids any opportunity with some real life fraction practice.

READING – We are working on making an inference, as well as literal comprehension. You can log onto your student’s google classroom account at anytime and review one of their weekly reading assignments. Please email me if you need login information.

SCIENCE – We are working on some fun (by that, I mean gross!) bacteria growth projects that will help walk us through the scientific process. It will definitely make us more aware of germ season (It’s upon us!) as well as really drive home those standards for AZMerit testing which is just weeks away, and Science Fair process for next year. If all goes well, I will upload some mold pics next week!

WRITING – We are continuing on working on opinion writing. We will working off two articles to support our opinions in our writing.

CAMP INFO – We leave for camp in just ONE WEEK!!!! Groups have been made, flags and chants are in progress! Please make sure you visit the packing list and info to the right on the webpage. We will leave school around 8:00 a.m., so please plan on being here around 7:30ish a.m. to check in. We will send a reminder that you will need a SACK LUNCH on that day. This will also be the time that I will collect any and all medicines needed for camp.

EVERYONE NOT ATTENDING will be in Mrs. Avery’s classroom with a sub. I will have a packet that mirrors some of the work we will do at camp, as well as a fun special guest speaker on Friday.


2/13 – SAN TAN UNIVERSITY – Dr. Beljan will be speaking about the gifted brain. Please join us if you can. You are welcome to rsvp to Mrs. Heller at

2/13 – WET SHIRTS COMING HOME – please dry in the sun, or let dry and throw in the dryer on their own for about 10 min to heat set in that color, then wash as usual – beware of color running.

2/14 – VALENTINES DAY  – Valentines Day in a Bag directions came home. You can download again on list to the right. If a student brings a bag, they will come home with a bag. Please do not send individual Valentines or candy.

2/17 – NO SCHOOL – President’s Day

2/19 – 2/21 – CAMP – We will return about 12:30 ish – I will update you with a time once we leave camp. Kiddos are exhausted and ready to come home. Please let me know if they are staying later, so that I may make arrangements for them.

2/26 – HALF DAY


THANK YOU for all you do!